Tyson Arndt

3 paintings a day for 5 days

I managed to make some new paintings recently. Some of these are for upcoming tattoos and some are tattoos I’d like to do.

Books Are Cool

Here’s some photos more of one of my favorite bookstores. A great spot to buy tattoo reference books. Books with animal paintings, or photos of flowers for example. Having started tattooing right before the Internet really made a huge impact on tattoo designs I still prefer to find my reference for images through books it just seems more real.

Background solution

My client Sara wanted to add a background to a single tattoo I made on her arm.
She wanted some flowers and a bird, so we really went for it. All this work was made in 4 hours, after it heals she will return to color the roses.

Ready historictattoo_flyer_mzc_2015_edit2-02

Friday February 13th 2015

Friday the 13th party at Historic Tattoo coming up in February. Come out to celebrate Craig Brown and Tyson Arndt’s birthdays. This will be a huge party with tattooing going on from the 2 Sailor Jerry ’13’ posters. Look forward to seeing you there.


Tattooing Soundtrack

Just got a car with both cassette and CD player, so I made the investment in some 1980s/early 90s metal tapes. As a kid I had most of these albums, and most of these musicians had great tattoos.

Flash Symbols

Symbols Flash

Small Symbols for tattooing, these symbols come from all corners of the Earth from both past and present times. These are super popular for both people who want a small tattoo with meaning behind it, and also perfect for the heavily tattooed who want to fill a small space in between existing work.


Dragon on Arm

Made in 2 sessions here is a Dragon with Fire. This was a fun project.

Winter Tattooing

A handful of tattoos from the past couple of months. 

Sleeve Finished

Made over at least half a dozen sessions, we’ve finally finished this sleeve. This is exactly the kind of tattooing I love doing best. There is a big mix here of Eastern and Western images, original drawings, traditional designs, and small symbols.


Helsinki Ink

Upcoming travels

Headed back for a quick trip to Scandinavia.
I have been at Helsinki Ink Tattoo Convention every year since 2010. It is a fun convention where the organizers really take care of the tattooers. Helsinki is such a cool place to visit, work, and party.

I will also be tattooing for a couple of days at Stockholm Classic Tattoo. Haven’t been there since September so I am looking forward to finishing up some projects and seeing my friends.

Really looking forward to this trip!

Send an email if you’d like to set something up: tonybigtime@gmail.com