Patches & sticker set $15.00

Get yourself:
One of each patch from Stockholm Classic & Historic Tattoo plus 2 of every sticker for $15.00.
High quality 3 inch patches made in Dallas Texas.
High quality stickers which can survive on outdoor surfaces.
Add $3.00 for U.S. Shipping or $7.00 for International shipping.


Back in Black

New & Historic designs on a 22 by 30 inch poster. I have already tattooed a handful of these designs this month, looking forward to tattooing every design on this flash sheet. Prints may be available in the future.

Sailor Jerry 13 Flash Sheet

Sailor Jerry 13 prints

I painted these 2 posters a total of 144 sailor Jerry designs with a ’13’ for the Friday the 13th event. The purpose of these designs is to move past the $13 Tattoo for Friday the 13th to offer larger, more interesting, and higher priced tattoos.

These prints have just arrived, they are 12 color Gilclee Archival Prints made on 310 gsm German etching paper. Prints are 23 by 31 inches.
$100 each plus shipping. Email me to set up a purchase:



Red Dragon Flash Sheet $20.00

11 by 14 inch flash sheet with outline copy. These designs were painted at Stockholm Classic Tattoo during 2012. The Original flash sheet hangs at Red Dragon Tattoo in Umeå, Sweden.

$20.00 plus shipping. Email to purchase.


Craphound Flash Sheet $20.00

11 by 14 inch flash sheet with outline copy. These designs were painted at True Tattoo in Hollywood during 2012. Designs appropriated from Craphound publication No.8 ‘Superstition’.

$20.00 plus shipping. Email to purchase.


Lapel Pins $5.00 each

New Lapel Pins, made in England.

$5.00 each send me an email to purchase these.


Friday 13th Flash with Oliver Peck $20.00

Oliver Peck & Tyson Arndt designed and painted this Flash Sheet for Friday the 13th, 2012. The purpose of this flash sheet was to have some Larger 13 Designs during the 24 hour tattoo marathon. These designs have proven to be hot sellers at every Friday the 13th event since.

11 by 14 inch color copy on 60 pound card stock. Includes outline copy.

$20.00 plus shipping fees. Email to purchase.