New Machines

Just got these Gold Tattoo Machines with ‘Tony Bigtime’ stamped on each frame. These Sailor Jerry ‘Bulldog’ tattoo machines were made by Lucky Supply in Florida. My nickname Tony Bigtime showed up after a misprint of my name in a Swedish Tabloid magazine. 

Recent Tattoos

Here are some of the tattoos I’ve been fortunate enough to work on lately at Historic Tattoo.


Memento Mori

Grim Reaper on Alex, made today at Historic Tattoo. An inspiring message for a Memento Mori Tattoo.

New Book

‘Handbook for the traveling tattooer’ a gift from a friend, he left with a gift of a tattoo from the book. Tattooing and traveling go hand in hand. This little book of Historic Flash would be perfect to take on the road. 



Full day rates available

My client Harry sat for 3 individual tattoos in a single session. My favorite way to work is to have clients who want to take the extra step by sitting longer to get some real coverage made. Contact me if you think you’d like to sit for a full day and get some serious tattoos.
IMG_3264 IMG_3263 IMG_3262

Back in Black

New & Historic designs on a 22 by 30 inch poster. I have already tattooed a handful of these designs this month, looking forward to tattooing every design on this flash sheet. Prints may be available in the future.


Friday the 13th party February 2015

We will be having our first Friday the 13th party at Historic Tattoo, in February 2015. Tattoos with a ’13’ available for $80 and up from the Sailor Jerry 13 posters painted by Tyson.



True Love Tattoos

Made at Historic Tattoo in Portland. My client, a Doctor of Mathematics, has just gotten this tattoo in Honor of his Wife.