Trondheim Tattoo Convention

Trondheim Convention

There will be prints (A3 size) available at the upcoming Trondheim Tattoo Convention (5-7 Sept 2014).  Looking forward to traveling & tattooing in Scandinavia. I believe this is my 4th year at this Convention, it is the oldest Tattoo Convention in Norway.

Stockholm Inkbash

Stockholm Inkbash

These A3 size prints will be available at the upcoming Stockholm Inkbash (29-31 Aug 2014). These flash sheets also come with a copy of the Outlines. I have been attending Stockholm Inkbash every year since 2007, some years as a working tattooer and other years as an enthusiast. It is the highlight of Summer for the Scandinavia Tattoo scene. This show has a great pre-party, after party, and a lot of friends & clients to meet with.


Red Dragon Flash Sheet $20.00

11 by 14 inch flash sheet with outline copy. These designs were painted at Stockholm Classic Tattoo during 2012. The Original flash sheet hangs at Red Dragon Tattoo in Umeå, Sweden.

$20.00 plus shipping. Email to purchase.


Craphound Flash Sheet $20.00

11 by 14 inch flash sheet with outline copy. These designs were painted at True Tattoo in Hollywood during 2012. Designs appropriated from Craphound publication No.8 ‘Superstition’.

$20.00 plus shipping. Email to purchase.


Lapel Pins $5.00 each

New Lapel Pins, made in England.

$5.00 each send me an email to purchase these.


Chest Panther

New Panther tattoo made at Historic Tattoo. This tattoo didn’t take long as the outline went in fast and the client sat like a rock.

I was lucky enough to Travel to San Francisco in 2013 and see Ed Hardy’s Seminar on the American Panther Tattoo. Ed Hardy’s presentation was held at the Bay Area Convention of the Tattoo Arts. The seminar was free and only 100 people could attend. My client found the seminar on YouTube and it inspired him to get this tattoo.

Thailand Tattoo

Uploaded these photos today from Thailand. One year ago I tattooed the Monk Lo Pi Pang and his friends at the Temple Koh Poon outside of Bangkok. It was such an amazing experience to Tattoo and get tattooed at the Temple. Hoping to return to Thailand again someday.



Friday 13th Flash with Oliver Peck $20.00

Oliver Peck & Tyson Arndt designed and painted this Flash Sheet for Friday the 13th, 2012. The purpose of this flash sheet was to have some Larger 13 Designs during the 24 hour tattoo marathon. These designs have proven to be hot sellers at every Friday the 13th event since.

11 by 14 inch color copy on 60 pound card stock. Includes outline copy.

$20.00 plus shipping fees. Email to purchase.

Scandinavian Conventions 2014

I will be tattooing at conventions in Sweden, Norway and Finland during the dates posted below. When I’m not at these conventions you can find me at my home studio Historic Tattoo in Portland.

Tattoo Meltdown Trollhättan February 28 – March 2

Helsinki Ink  March 21 – March 23

Bergen Tattoo Convention May 9 – 11

Stockholm Inkbash August 29 – 31

Trondheim Tattoo Convention September 5 – 7

Really looking forward to returning to all of these shows, as they have all been so much fun in the past.

For appointments please send me an email: