historic tattoo

Tough Tattoos

Recent tattoo work. 2015-2016

Matt’s Bodysuit

Tattoos on Matt from 2013-2016.
One session at a time, we have almost completed tattoos on his upper body.

Friday the 13th

New flash sheet in progress for Friday 13th May 2016 at Elm Street in Dallas, Texas.
This design sheet is a tribute to the designs of 13 classic tattooers.

Patches & sticker set $15.00

Get yourself:
One of each patch from Stockholm Classic & Historic Tattoo plus 2 of every sticker for $15.00.
High quality 3 inch patches made in Dallas Texas.
High quality stickers which can survive on outdoor surfaces.
Add $3.00 for U.S. Shipping or $7.00 for International shipping.

Instant Sleeve

Here is a project I’ve just started. Came prepared to work with several traditional images I put together at home. I stenciled and outlined everything, he was able to handle the shading and coloring for half of the tattoos. All this work took 3 hours. I love working on these kinds of tattoo sleeves.

Never Trust a Skinny Chef

Here are some of my tattoos, collected around the world. Work here made in Portland, Seattle, Oakland, San Francisco, Stockholm, Brighton, Oxford, London, Oslo, Nashville, Atlanta, Bend, Dallas, Washington DC, and Ang Thong, Thailand. A good story behind who made every tattoo and how I got to those different cities.






3 paintings a day for 5 days

I managed to make some new paintings recently. Some of these are for upcoming tattoos and some are tattoos I’d like to do.

Background solution

My client Sara wanted to add a background to a single tattoo I made on her arm.
She wanted some flowers and a bird, so we really went for it. All this work was made in 4 hours, after it heals she will return to color the roses.

Friday February 13th 2015

Friday┬áthe 13th party at Historic Tattoo coming up in February. Come out to celebrate Craig Brown and Tyson Arndt’s birthdays. This will be a huge party with tattooing going on from the 2 Sailor Jerry ’13’ posters. Look forward to seeing you there.

Tattooing Soundtrack

Just got a car with both cassette and CD player, so I made the investment in some 1980s/early 90s metal tapes. As a kid I had most of these albums, and most of these musicians had great tattoos.