Tattoo Flash

Friday the 13th

New flash sheet in progress for Friday 13th May 2016 at Elm Street in Dallas, Texas.
This design sheet is a tribute to the designs of 13 classic tattooers.

Working at home with my daughter Sally

Here I am working out a painting design and she is tracing my flash design.

3 paintings a day for 5 days

I managed to make some new paintings recently. Some of these are for upcoming tattoos and some are tattoos I’d like to do.

Symbols Flash

Small Symbols for tattooing, these symbols come from all corners of the Earth from both past and present times. These are super popular for both people who want a small tattoo with meaning behind it, and also perfect for the heavily tattooed who want to fill a small space in between existing work.

Back in Black

New & Historic designs on a 22 by 30 inch poster. I have already tattooed a handful of these designs this month, looking forward to tattooing every design on this flash sheet. Prints may be available in the future.

New Flash

Here is a new sheet of flash I completed recently.

Sailor Jerry 13 prints

I painted these 2 posters a total of 144 sailor Jerry designs with a ’13’ for the Friday the 13th event. The purpose of these designs is to move past the $13 Tattoo for Friday the 13th to offer larger, more interesting, and higher priced tattoos.

These prints have just arrived, they are 12 color Gilclee Archival Prints made on 310 gsm German etching paper. Prints are 23 by 31 inches.
$100 each plus shipping. Email me to set up a purchase:


Neck Shark!

Here’s a Shark Tattoo I just made from my new flash sheet. This was made on my client Harry who has been in for a few tattoos at Historic Tattoo this summer. The tattoo took around 1 hour to complete.

Stockholm Inkbash

These A3 size prints will be available at the upcoming Stockholm Inkbash (29-31 Aug 2014). These flash sheets also come with a copy of the Outlines. I have been attending Stockholm Inkbash every year since 2007, some years as a working tattooer and other years as an enthusiast. It is the highlight of Summer for the Scandinavia Tattoo scene. This show has a great pre-party, after party, and a lot of friends & clients to meet with.