Tattoo Sleeve


Here is a Swedish sleeve I’m working on. This client travels from Olso to have these tattoos put on at Stockholm Classic Tattoo. In a single session we did the Eastern Flower, Skull flame with Swallow, and Light house with Rose. Doing work like this is what keeps me going back to Sweden.

Sleeve Finished

Made over at least half a dozen sessions, we’ve finally finished this sleeve. This is exactly the kind of tattooing I love doing best. There is a big mix here of Eastern and Western images, original drawings, traditional designs, and small symbols.


Grim Reaper Sleeve

New grim reaper tattoo I just finished. This Tattoo was made in 2 sessions of around 3-4 hours per session. I really like doing tattoos like these, if you want to do something similar send me an email or come into Historic Tattoo. Thank you Elijah!