Patches & sticker set $15.00

Get yourself:
One of each patch from Stockholm Classic & Historic Tattoo plus 2 of every sticker for $15.00.
High quality 3 inch patches made in Dallas Texas.
High quality stickers which can survive on outdoor surfaces.
Add $3.00 for U.S. Shipping or $7.00 for International shipping.


Here is a Swedish sleeve I’m working on. This client travels from Olso to have these tattoos put on at Stockholm Classic Tattoo. In a single session we did the Eastern Flower, Skull flame with Swallow, and Light house with Rose. Doing work like this is what keeps me going back to Sweden.

Stockholm Classic Tattoo

Tattoos and friends at Stockholm Classic.

Tattooing Soundtrack

Just got a car with both cassette and CD player, so I made the investment in some 1980s/early 90s metal tapes. As a kid I had most of these albums, and most of these musicians had great tattoos.

Winter Tattooing

A handful of tattoos from the past couple of months.