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Tough Tattoos

Recent tattoo work. 2015-2016

Neck Shark Tattoo by Tyson Arndt

Neck Shark!

Here’s a Shark Tattoo I just made from my new flash sheet. This was made on my client Harry who has been in for a few tattoos at Historic Tattoo this summer. The tattoo took around 1 hour to complete.


Chest Panther

New Panther tattoo made at Historic Tattoo. This tattoo didn’t take long as the outline went in fast and the client sat like a rock.

I was lucky enough to Travel to San Francisco in 2013 and see Ed Hardy’s Seminar on the American Panther Tattoo. Ed Hardy’s presentation¬†was held at the Bay Area Convention of the Tattoo Arts.¬†The seminar was free and only 100 people could attend. My client found the seminar on YouTube and it inspired him to get this tattoo.