Tyson Arndt Tattoo

Matt’s Bodysuit

Tattoos on Matt from 2013-2016.
One session at a time, we have almost completed tattoos on his upper body.

Friday the 13th

New flash sheet in progress for Friday 13th May 2016 at Elm Street in Dallas, Texas.
This design sheet is a tribute to the designs of 13 classic tattooers.

Dallas, Texas

Another awesome visit to Elm Street Tattoo for a weekend in February.

This tattoo shop is so much fun, open late into the night and there is an awesome crew of tattooers working.

I often visit Dallas to work, if you want to get tattooed at a future visit send an email to tonybigtime (at) gmail.com


Dragon on Arm

Made in 2 sessions here is a Dragon with Fire. This was a fun project.

Winter Tattooing

A handful of tattoos from the past couple of months. 

Sleeve Finished

Made over at least half a dozen sessions, we’ve finally finished this sleeve. This is exactly the kind of tattooing I love doing best. There is a big mix here of Eastern and Western images, original drawings, traditional designs, and small symbols.