Tyson Arndt Tattoos

Instant Sleeve

Here is a project I’ve just started. Came prepared to work with several traditional images I put together at home. I stenciled and outlined everything, he was able to handle the shading and coloring for half of the tattoos. All this work took 3 hours. I love working on these kinds of tattoo sleeves.
Helsinki Ink

Upcoming travels

Headed back for a quick trip to Scandinavia.
I have been at Helsinki Ink Tattoo Convention every year since 2010. It is a fun convention where the organizers really take care of the tattooers. Helsinki is such a cool place to visit, work, and party.

I will also be tattooing for a couple of days at Stockholm Classic Tattoo. Haven’t been there since September so I am looking forward to finishing up some projects and seeing my friends.

Really looking forward to this trip!

Send an email if you’d like to set something up: tonybigtime@gmail.com

Recent Tattoos

Here are some of the tattoos I’ve been fortunate enough to work on lately at Historic Tattoo.


Memento Mori

Grim Reaper on Alex, made today at Historic Tattoo. An inspiring message for a Memento Mori Tattoo.

New Book

‘Handbook for the traveling tattooer’ a gift from a friend, he left with a gift of a tattoo from the book. Tattooing and traveling go hand in hand. This little book of Historic Flash would be perfect to take on the road.