Tattooing since 2003, I had a proper 4 year apprenticeship at Phantom Tattoo in Washington. For 6 years I tattooed in Stockholm, Sweden at Infamous Studio & later at Stockholm Classic Tattoo. I am now based in my hometown of Portland at Historic Tattoo. After all the adventures I have had abroad it is good to be back tattooing in America.



As a dual citizen of both USA and Sweden you can find me several times a year tattooing in Stockholm and at Conventions all over Scandinavia.
2016 Travel Dates:

Stockholm Classic Tattoo February 22-March 1, 2016

Trollhattan Convention (Tattoo Meltdown) February 26-27, 2016

Elm Street Tattoo April 14-18, 2016

Elm Street Tattoo (Friday the 13th) May 11-15, 2016

Elm Street Tattoo and Music Festival May 19-22, 2016

Stockholm Classic Tattoo August (exact dates TBA)

Stockholm Ink Bash August 26-28, 2016

For appointments and availability email me: